Can Rich countries' Vaccine Selfishness eliminate covid worldwide?

More than 500,000 Americans have now been vaccinated against COVID-19. In the next year, as more and more people obtain their inoculations in the US, the vaccines will play a vital role in helping the world rebound from the pandemic. Yet it will not save the pandemic from vaccinating the whole world alone it requires a Worldwide reaction to this public health incident.

Once a leader in geopolitical matters, the United States has not taken part in multinational attempts to ensure that COVID-19 vaccinations are distributed to all nations. The United States is not really helping to ensure that doses of the vaccine get to lower-income countries.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) and other foreign organizations, set up a COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access Center, earlier this year to ensure that COVAX participants are able to share their money on the production of vaccines and collect all doses of vaccines. The United States, though – generally known as a global leader in this kind of foreign relations – is not a COVAX member and its vaccines are obtained through a direct contract with prevention firms.

The US has a multitude of assets that could help access, and delivery of the vaccinations globally and its engagement in COVAX could help end the pandemic more quickly; it won’t be sliced simply by vaccinating its own citizens. “Truly this is not the case when in one corner of the globe you will kill an infectious disease.

The Trump administration said earlier this fall that it would be focusing on vaccinating Americans before “looking to do our fair share”

COVAX plans to start distributing vaccine doses to its members in early 2021. The multinational group has contracts for up to 2 billion doses. Some of its 190 member countries, like Canada, also have direct agreements with vaccine-makers and are already vaccinating citizens. They’ll potentially also be sharing extra doses they bought directly from vaccine-makers with lower-income countries, according to principles established by COVAX.

It is simple if the rich nations adopt the Nationalist approach and assume that they will eliminate the virus, it’s not gonna happen as we are living in an interconnected web of Globalization. For more exciting stuff please subscribe to our Facebook Page.

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