Is Virus Mutation an Abnormal thing?

As viruses multiply they change and the same is happening to the coronavirus. All viruses mutate and that is to be expected. For more exciting stuff please subscribe to our Facebook Page

Scientists have been tracking those mutations by following coronavirus journeys around the world. Some of the mutations help the virus to spread others do nothing at all. But as coronavirus multiplies and changes, could also become more deadly?

Why is the variant causing concern?

The coronavirus is not the same that as it came out half a year ago, like other viruses it has mutated and a recent study suggests that this strain is more infectious than the original as it has a tendency to spread more rapidly. The new form of coronavirus like any other viruses is constantly mutating as it replicates inside its human host.

The virus uses our bodies to multiply by injecting its genetic information into our cells, the cell then becomes a kind of virus factory of mass-producing the genetic material, this allows more of the virus to develop. Moreover, as the virus replicates, mistakes are often made. These errors mean the genetic material changes, causing a mutated version of the virus. If those changes in the virus are advantageous, the mutation will go on to spread.

Is the mutation going to be more dangerous?

Experts say that the coronavirus does not mutate as easily as other viruses like influenza for example. Nevertheless, a mutation could take place that might hit humans much harder than previous versions of the virus.

It is of course be an evolutionary disadvantage if as a virus my host died while I was trying to replicate. The most successful (lethal) viruses are those that show no symptoms, to begin with allowing them to spread before taking down their host. If a more aggressive mutation of coronavirus were already spreading it might be hard to spot.

It requires very complex testing in a lab it would have to be done very precisely to be able to answer questions like is this more infectious? can the immune system deal with it better? such studies take a lot of time and it’s just the beginning.

One major change in the coronavirus has apparently already been determined, many generations of coronavirus replicate in the lungs, however, the new mutations using host cells somewhere else in the body, the throats more contagious if not more deadly. So what does that mean for the search for a vaccine? Research is struggling to keep up with an ever-changing virus.

I just come got stuff on because it completely depends on how this vaccine is designed whether it does end up offering a broad immune response. With every new patient emerging immune after surviving Covid-19, pressure piles on coronavirus to change, and as it does, scientists will have to keep up. For more exciting stuff please subscribe to our Facebook Page

There are now multiple versions of the coronavirus there are hundreds of different mutations and this is a totally natural & normal process because RNA viruses have an imperfect replication of their own genome so per medical sciences this is nothing bad or good this is just how nature works.

Does lab research show that the globally dominating version of the coronavirus transmits more easily between humans now than the original date does mean it’s also more dangerous?

No, it does not mean that it’s more dangerous referring to one particular mutation that has been in the media over the last few weeks and it’s known by researchers for months this mutation might lead to high infectivity (up to 70% faster). However, at the moment there is very little evidence that it affects the clinical course of infection, the only hard evidence is that patients who have this virus with this new mutation tend to have a higher viral load and high viral load could translate into higher transmissibility.

But the point of concern here is that the virus mutation landscape cannot be predicted for the future, like what characteristics will the virus take in its host. The other point of concern is whether the vaccines that are coming in the market in a hurry are tested for a very short period of time, can they somehow help the mutation of the coronavirus by any means? like we have seen in many Hollywood Movies people becoming zombies.

The Science we know pre-covid-19 has a lot of claims to its name, and now it’s time for them to show up their knowledge and skills. We as normal humans have seen NASA going to space, Lab growing meat, and whatnot. The question that every non-scientific person these days is asking is that the Science who is claiming to reach the galaxies seems to be paranoid by a SMALL TINY MICROSCOPIC Virus so who else should we look upon?

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The vaccine will protect you from getting ill and then ending up hospitalized. But it’s possible that you could still carry the virus and be contagious to others. So those who get the vaccine should still be wearing masks and practicing physical distancing.

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