When will the coronavirus pandemic end? this is the most frequently asked question these days. The end of any pandemic generally depends on a number of factors, the first factor is how much knowledge we have gathered about the virus itself the more knowledge we have about the virus the faster we can get rid of it such knowledge would be useful in developing an effective and safe vaccine. It seems that we got lucky that this novel coronavirus shares a huge similarity to previously studied coronaviruses called SARS and MERS this allowed scientists to gather enough knowledge about the virus in a short time which came in handy in speeding up the development of the vaccine.

Industrial capacity to mass-produced vaccine

The second important factor is the developing a vaccine against the coronavirus is just the first step towards ending the pandemic. The vaccine will have to be mass produced and distributed globally, thousands of health workers will have to be recruited to help in distributing and administering the vaccine, the logistics that follow the development of the vaccine might take longer than developing and testing the vaccine itself.

Effectiveness of vaccine itself and against the mutations

Vaccine development is as hard as rocket science the vaccine might fail in the very last step which will render all previous work invalid and forces us to start over. But let’s be optimistic because over 160 companies are working on a vaccine if one fails another might succeed, the second half will most likely just provide us an idea of whether a vaccine is effective or not like if the virus gets mutated will the same vaccine be able to handle it or will the vaccine required to be updated accordingly, which means that every time mutation occurs the earlier lot produced become ineffective. if the virus mutates and the new mutations cause it to become more aggressive all the work on the vaccine would go in vain this will lead to a major delay in ending the pandemic like in the case of Covid-19 the mutations reported have made the virus spread more vigorously. For more exciting stuff please subscribe to our Facebook Page

Logistic requirements for global reach

It is a self-explanatory phenomenon that we cannot eliminate the virus by providing vaccine to the locals-only, as this pandemic of COVID-19 is global, therefore we cannot eliminate the pandemic until all the humans get a jab. If a vaccine is effective then the logistics that will follow including mass production would probably take another three to six months.

Precautionary measures abidance on an individual basis

To get rid of it which will help us in the pandemic faster the first factor that determines how soon this pandemic will be over is how willing are you to maintain social distancing. Millions of people are out there and but they are not practicing social distancing they form very large crowds which results in an explosion of cases. For more exciting stuff please subscribe to our Facebook Page

Hike in cases and burden on healthcare facilities

The increment in cases due to not following the safety, protocols causes the rises in COVID-19 cases, that eventually overrun the healthcare systems capacity to take in new patients and such disruption can cause a delay in getting rid of the pandemic because all the resources and energy will have to be shifted towards treating the new cases. So the best is to play safe, we should continue social distancing as much as possible either you are vaccinated or not.

Another factor associated with safety protocols is how willing are you to wear your mask. Remember what we just said about an explosion of cases and shifting resources to treat new cases that can be prevented by wearing your mask it is a simple task that doesn’t require a lot of effort. Masks help in reducing community transmission of the coronavirus. The virus can even spread through talking aerosols that carry the virus can remain suspended in the air for up to 14 minutes. So if everyone started wearing their masks the transmission of the virus will go down this means fewer cases.

The peak number of daily cases have been witnessed doubled in many countries a day after relaxing the restrictions. If we get a continuous new peak and stronger future waves of the pandemic, the healthcare system of almost every nation would have difficulty in coping up with the new cases. For more exciting stuff please subscribe to our Facebook Page

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