“NASA Offers Moon Burial for 2021! You Can Now Send Your Deceased Loved Ones Among the Stars!.”

People have always splurged on the unusual and unbelievable when presented with more wealth than they know what to do with (like Donald Trump’s infamous gold bathrooms). From dead shark artworks to diamond-encrusted nail polish, the world of insane luxury has no limits.

While on the other hand 20000 people on daily basis die due to hunger

Sending your remains to the moon for a ‘lunar burial’ is now surprisingly possible. Space burials are no longer the stuff of science fiction. It’s not even new since Star Trek founder Gene Roddenberry paved the way in 1992, the cremated remains of more than 450 individuals have been sent into orbit, most of them with hundreds of other ash samples on private memorial spaceflights.

“Families now have the historic opportunity to commemorate their departed loved ones every night through the everlasting splendor and soft illumination of the Earth’s closest companion: the Moon,”

Neil Armstrong to be buried on the moon –

You are offered a chance by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to take your deceased loved ones to outer space. If you have the budget, you will be glad to hear that grave plots are still available. NASA’s Moon Burial program will begin sending cremated human bodies to the Moon in 2021. It also announced that among other dead people who will travel to outer space next year the DNA of Arthur C. Clarke, the legendary sci-fi writer, will be included.

The dead are dead, it won’t matter whether they got buried on earth, undersea, or on the moon. Yes, it can be a mark of prestige for a billionaire to have its parents got buried on the moon, but for the rest “who cares about the dead ones”. Science and technology are blindly after solving the mysteries of the universe. And in this time what they have discovered is in fact nothing in terms of the universe itself and every single thing inside it.

One thing that we might have forgotten is the creator, who must have created this for a purpose and should have clearly conveyed that to its creations. that purpose is missing from our lives as we give more weightage to the creations than its creator.

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