We wouldn’t have chocolate without flies

You cannot get away from flies, either you want them or not. Entomologists have described more than 159,000 species of flies in the world, accounting for 10–15 percent of all the known animals on Earth. And every day we are still discovering yet new species.

Because of destructive human activities like climate change, biodiversity, and the creation of invasive species, we are now losing species at an exponential rate. For more exciting stuff please subscribe to our Facebook Page

Here is why flies need to be valued and protected

No flies no chocolate

There will be no chocolate without flies. A teeny-tiny midge flies from the Ceratopogonidae family is the only known pollinator of the cocoa plant flower. These flies are native to areas where cocoa is historically grown and also occur naturally in countries where cocoa production is relatively recent, such as Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Ghana, Nigeria, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The little midge fly may be credited with producing USD 98 billion per year which is what chocolate contributes to the world economy.

Flies contribute to the global economy

Some of Australia’s most iconic plants, like eucalyptus or tea trees, are pollinated by hoverflies, horseflies, and pesky blowflies; they’re assisted by other insects as well. Overall pollination by insects, flies included, is thought to be worth $6 billion USD each year in Australia alone or a staggering $250 billion USD worldwide. Flies are a huge driver of the economy, but we take them for granted.

Respect and conserve flys otherwise, we don’t have time and experience off pollination. They can might one day be used as fuel for your car (just kidding)

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