Water cures, but purified water is a detriment to the health of anyone who consumes it purified water is produced by the distillation or reverse osmosis and should not be consumed for the following reasons.

Bottle water is purified through unnatural processes it leeches (stole) minerals from the body and the large size and shape of its water molecule clusters do not hydrate the body well, in fact, long-term use of purified water can leave us dehydrated. Purified water should only be used in humidifiers, fountains, autoclaves, and fish tanks. It is used in many industries but it should never be consumed.

Purified water has had all its minerals removed from it. When we drink purified water we are consuming a pure chemical substance H2O, pure chemical substances of any kind are not found in natural water.

Because of its extreme purity purified water absorbs carbon dioxide from the air which makes it acidic and even more aggressive at dissolving the alkaline substances it comes in contact with the Ph of purified water is much more acid than the body required. It contains a little or no dissolved oxygen and therefore is considered dead water unless it is reoxygenated.

Purified water enters the body pure but it does not come out pure it leeches vital minerals from the body turning it acidic. Ions, or electrolytes, are formed when minerals dissolve in water through a natural process. You may have heard about the importance of electrolytes in our bodies, which are essential for transmitting electrical impulses along nerves and for muscle contraction, allowing all our “bioelectrical” functions to work properly. Still, the purified water that has been ionized should also be avoided even though ionization does increase purified waters hydration properties the trade-off is not worth it because it steals vital minerals from the body due to its acidity and absolute purity ionization will change the ph of purified water temporarily even though there’s no minerals in the water and almost no conductivity since purified water has been transformed into an unadulterated chemical substance H2O.

Purified water naturally seeks to balance or mollify its extremely pure acidic condition with an alkaline buffer, removing minerals from the water makes it hungry for anything that is not like itself all things in nature strive to balance themselves what is immediately available to purified water when it is consumed are the alkaline minerals and other alkaline material of the body thus they are absorbed by the pure water and carried away with it as it leaves the body. It is the extreme characteristics of purified water that encourage this leaching of minerals from the body.

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Purified water also leeches plastic from the bottles it is contained in, which makes him drinking purified water worse when consumed from a plastic container one person’s black hair turned gray after only two weeks because copper which is used to form hair pigmentation Prague was leached from his body and if the use of bottled purified water continued after years later left 60% more gray hair than before.

Well-purified water can remove toxins it will also take with its vital minerals and other elements important to the body which can promote osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and a host of other diseases since minerals are used in every single metabolic process in the body. When you consume purified water these minerals, in particular, the alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and sodium are being leached from the body what kind of water should we drink well there is no alternative to natural tap water properly balanced by nature itself. Bottle water companies are not concern about your health instead it is their product and made solely for making money and believe me they won’t really care about your health and pollution due to their plastic bottles. See my article on the worst Ocean Plastic Polluters.

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