Coca-Cola the World's Worst Plastic Polluter

For the third year in a row, Coca-Cola was labeled the worst plastic polluter in the world. Congratulations! An award is an award, we suppose, even if it is one for using the planet as a garbage dump.

An annual audit by the group Break Free From Plastic collected almost 350,000 pieces of plastic waste from 55 countries. Coca-Cola goods, which include Fanta and Sprite, were by far the most popular branded plastic found and were available at all but four of the 55 locations inspected.

Indeed, the whole ranking has remained untouched from last year with the silver and bronze positions of PepsiCo and Nestle.

In countries like Colombia, Korea, Tanzania, and Spain, 15,000 volunteers surveyed plastic waste from beaches, parks, and city streets. 63% of the components had an identifiable name and a total of more than 5,000 labels.

“The most polluting corporations in the world claim they’re working hard to resolve plastic pollution but instead continue to pump out damaging single-use plastic packages.

But Coca Cola will not be paying the new “climate change” tax, we taxpayers will. Just like we will for big oil, gas, chemical, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and other industrial corporation.

Coca-Cola came under fire from environmental campaigners earlier this year when it announced it would not abandon plastic bottles, saying they were popular with customers. In March, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestlé, and Unilever were found to be responsible for half a million tonnes of plastic pollution in six developing countries each year, in a survey by NGO Tearfund.

Companies like Coca Cola, Pepsi Co, and Nestle got so much money, amassed over the years they can come up with ideas n means to change the state of affairs with regards to pollution. Great, now that we know, we can stop blaming normal poor people for existing and polluting and realize the problem lies

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