Over a year old COVID-19 is a quick learner, It has learned how to change its shapes in order to disguise itself against the counter forces. Seems coronavirus has accepted the challenge from science and now using its mutating tactics by utilizing its hosts, which unfortunately is the whole world. The vaccines that have been rolled out in the market as reported to be less effective than they were reported during their trial period.

It is a clear indication that there is nothing wrong with the vaccine, in fact, the target (coronavirus) has changed its position by creating several variants. It’s still unclear that who is hunting whom more specifically is corona’s as hunter wiser or the science as a vaccine more efficient. This won’t seem to be an easy puzzle for science to solve. For more exciting stuff please subscribe to our Facebook Page

COVID-19 vaccines are far less effective against South African’s Variant

New information showing that 2 COVID-19 vaccines are less effective in South Africa than in other parts of the world they were this has heightened fears that the coronavirus is quickly finding ways that to elude the world’s most powerful tools (vaccines) to contain it.


The U.S. company Novavax has reported this week that although its vaccine was nearly 90 percent effective in clinical trials conducted in Britain, the figure fell to 49 percent in South Africa and the company analyzed that in South Africa a B.1.351 variant that emerged there late last year and has spread to the United States and at least 30 other countries.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson announced Friday that its new shot was 72% effective against preventing moderate or severe illness in the United States, compared with 66%in Latin America and 57% in South Africa.

Pfizer and BioNTech

As for the vaccines authorized in the U.S. are one from Pfizer and BioNTech, the other from Moderna and the National Institutes of Health trigger a smaller immune response to the South Africa variant.

Researchers do believe that it usually take several more months, or even years, for the virus to develop resistance to vaccines. They said the speedy evolution is largely a result of the virus’ unchecked spread, but this tiny new addition to the world has shown its intention of survival far above the expectations of the research.

More than 100 million people have been infected worldwide, and each of those infections is an opportunity for the virus to randomly mutate.

A mutation that happens to give the virus the ability to resist the body’s natural defenses

Why people are getting Covid-19 for the 2nd time

A significant number of people were contracting the coronavirus a second time. It appeared that the training their immune systems received during the first infection was failing to protect them from new versions of the virus.

Experts had cautioned that laboratory tests were an imperfect model for understanding the immune response in people. Researchers believe that it is more contagious than other variants and that it has become more common in South Africa and elsewhere since the trial began in September.

Experts said the weaker performance of the vaccine in South Africa — where it was tested on about 6,500 people — almost certainly was a result of the predominance of the variant circulating widely there.

New Variants are also slipping to the other nations

The United States reported its first known cases of the South Africa variant Thursday, in two people in South Carolina. The U.K. strain, which is also thought to be more contagious. Mutations are increasing the likelihood that the virus will slip by undetected. This is one case study the covid has been spread globally. For more exciting stuff please subscribe to our Facebook Page

Vaccinating as many people as we can, as quickly as we can” is the key to slowing the ability of the virus to mutate, “Viruses cannot mutate if they cannot replicate but is it possible to give vaccine shot globally and simultaneously? the availability of the vaccine for the whole world is still facing mismanagement, rich countries’ selfishness, and nationalism. Which is giving the covid much breathing time to mutate geographically, with more and more different variants. It is quite possible that while the vaccine update finishes its laboratory trial, the covid they know could be something else.

If an impressive strain were to pop up next year in, for example, Brazil, even a fully vaccinated U.S. could be in danger.

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