Pakistan and Cricket

The craze of cricket in Pakistan is genetic. Cricket is the most-watched, played, and admired sport among all the age groups of both genders in Pakistan. Pakistan Cricket Board is also an official member of the International Cricket Council and the Asian Cricket Council. Almost all cities and villages in Pakistan have their own cricket teams and unofficial tournaments. Pakistani children start playing cricket at a young age. The game is the most popular form of sports in the country.

Technological advancements in Cricket

With the passage of time and the introduction of technology in sports, cricket has been changed the way it was before, the impact that technology has had on the world of sport has largely been positive. You have witnessed the use of technology by the couches having a laptop in front while sitting in the pavilion watching their team performance. There is a continuous analysis of data that are continuously being updated on cricket portals like ESPN etc. Cricketers’ fitness programs are also linked with these technology gadgets.

Gone are the days of black and white telecasting and helmets with no grills; today, the cricketing experience has been elevated by technological advancements – both for players and spectators. With an infrared imaging system, umpires can now trace the impact of a ball on the batman’s bat as well as the pad. A hotspot is a technology that is extensively used to confirm whether the ball has bit the batsman’s bat or pad. This guides the umpires with their Leg before wicket as well as caught-behind decisions in order to examine where the ball’s impact was.

The game is continuously captured by two infra-red cameras which are mounted on opposite sides of the ground. These cameras track heat, which is the product of friction, and reliably estimate the ball’s point of contact. Via the Judgment Analysis Method, the Hotspot is also used to review decisions (DRS). Snick-o-meter, Multiple cameras, and mics have taken the game of cricket to the next level.

Talented Pakistanis contribution for the game of Cricket

The talented Pakistanis have not only amused the spectators and cricket lovers with their game performance on the ground but also focused to contribute to the technology addon to cricket. A team of engineering graduates of the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Pakistan have developed a smart wearable sleeve that could remove controversies around decisions regarding the legality of bowling actions in cricket. Abdullah Ahmed and Muhammad Asawal the co-founders of CricFlex at the age of 22 have developed the World’s first wearable technology for cricket.

The requirement of technology solution for bowlers action

In 2014 the ICC began to crackdown on illegal bowling actions, bowlers who were suspected of bending their arms more than 15 degrees were reported by umpires, and they were required to be tested in special labs, however, this process was very difficult to be implemented at the grassroots level and often players cant get to senior level with suspect action. In order to address this matter, CricFlex was the solution produced by the Pakistani young engineers that are in form of a sleeve that the bowler can wear while bowling, and sensors within the sleeve can detect the degree of bend of the bowler’s arm when he completes the ball.


CricFlex has different kinds of sensitive motion censors, the sleeve is wirelessly connected to your mobile phone with an app. These motion sensors calculate accurate elbow angles from the starting off the bowling action and ultimately to the releasing point (of the ball) and enable to figure out whether the bowler is bowling legally or illegally and all of this data is then sent to your mobile phone on your Android phone and there’s a complete graphical display for the bowler or for the coach to have a view.

Bowler just needs to put on the sleeve on his arm and with just a push of the switch, it gets connected to the mobile phone. This product is almost around 250 to 300 dollars which is way more low cost as compared to a biomechanics lab which will cost around 440 thousand US dollars. The main purpose for creating this gadget was to make it accessible at the grassroots level through the cricket clubs and academies. So one can get live real-time data as compared to a lab which will take like 14 to 21 days to give the results, rather this is something instantaneous you just put on the speed, you deliver the ball, and within a few seconds, you get all the results on your mobile.

CricFlex is Developing a Next-Gen Wearable Sleeve for Cricketers – Bullpen

CricFlex is the first proprietary cricket invention in the world, intended to update and make the game more trendy. An arm sleeve integrated with sensors senses automatically an improper bowling movement that displays the effects on a smartphone.
CricFlex measures the bowler’s arm force, the time of motion, and the amount of spin, to determine the player’s efficiency, accuracy, and effort.

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