Meat without having ‘Animal Slaughtered’

Isn’t it exciting to have chicken meatloaf produced without having a chicken slaughtered? U.S. start-up’s “cultured chicken” product is a revolution in the meat industry. A chicken fillet is grown with the chicken cell and through a lab process, it gains the desired size and here you go no bloodshed, no bones, no feathers to get rid with. It is ready to cook chicken.

I remember in Pakistan the chicken meat used to come from villages then after the poultry business flourished it started coming from farms. But what next More recently, entrepreneurs have been making it from plants.

This Cultivated meat is produced by in-vitro cell culture of animal cells, instead of from slaughtered animals. It is a form of cellular agriculture. The company, Eat Just, is based in San Francisco and describes its product as real, high-quality meat created directly from animal cells for safe human consumption.

Is cultivated meat good for your health?

Every food product produced through unnatural procedure has proven side effects. God has designed all beings (in fact each and everything) in perfection and no shortcut can produce a similar output no one knows the exact causes on which and for which the Creator (God) has created it. Science can only clone the outlook and some visible characteristics. The biggest dilemma is that Science usually comes to know about their RnD blunders several years after their success story and at that time, it becomes impossible to take out the product from the market. Same the case with the boiler chicken and cultivated meat.

The side effects of boiler chicken in Pakistan’s youth is not a hidden story. Modern broiler chickens grow three times faster than the traditional breeds of chickens, and fast growth leads to the chickens’ health problems. The chickens’ bones, joints, and internal organs may face the risk of breakdown. Common diseases include ascites, heart attacks, lung collapse, and leg problems. Obesity is the cause of most of the problems just like the case in human beings. When broiler chickens reach 6 weeks old, 90% of them become so obese that they can no longer walk.

The fertility issues are growing among Pakistan’s youth due to the increasing trend” of Junk food in taking, in form of zingers, nuggets, pizza & sausages, etc. One needs to think that how come a boiler chicken that cannot give eggs makes you strong enough for breeding. The chicken produced in several days are unable to walk how can they make your bones strong? Can anyone give an example of any such food product that has not been proved unhealthy after several years of making big profits out of it?

Research shows that regularly indulging in such meat can lead to a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some kinds of cancer. Although scientists are claiming that producing such meat is a more controlled method as it enables them to control the contents and proportions of fats, proteins, etc. But this is all a selling tactic for the people around the globe you adapt everything just for the sake of being trendy. Previously, the Science had marketed the boiler chicken with the same strategy. If the cultivated meat method bears the enhanced quality as claimed by the scientist then why haven’t the God who is the creator of all created the meat from that process? Does science know better than the creator of all?

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