Ohhh seems it’s a stray dog — most of us witnessed this situation while passing by and suddenly your motion triggers a dog on the way. Of course, for some people, dogs are people’s best friends but sometimes even they can pose a serious danger. Runners, pedestrians, cyclists, and bikers may trigger the dog by their motions…The time you realize you cannot escape this situation as you are no Tom Cruise, ask Mercy from God, however, for the self-made people, here are tips from the experienced adventurers:

so walking really fast or running to escape from the dogs is something you should never do

First, any dog is faster than you are even the tiniest chihuahua can accelerate to 15 miles per hour about the average human running speed but bigger dogs run at twice that pace while greyhounds can be faster than some cars running at 45 miles per hour. So you become attractive to a dog if you’re riding a bike or bicycle. It’s probably a good idea to always have something that can be used for this purpose it can readily grab-able just pull it off quickly and throw it to distract the dog.

Stop if you can’t escape

If you stop the animal might just lose interest in you because the rays of fear from your body or any emotion floating from your eyes to face is a motivational sign for the dog to progress.

Avoid eye contact, Dogs get more furious to see your eye contact avoid that. Distract the dog’s attention somehow it’s probably a good idea to always have something that can be used for this purpose it can be readily grab-able just pull it off quickly and throw it to distract the dog.

Turn your body slowly to the side this way you need to stand a bit sideways this way you’re a narrower target for the dog and get your arms crossed it’s a sign of not willing to fight or a PEACE sign that an animal can seance.

It requires a bit of courage (a bit more in fact) but Completely ignores the dog, the more boring you are, the less likely he is to attack. Most stray dogs are afraid of humans but you can show them your intentions are nothing but peaceful if you yawn lick your lips and keep sideways to the dog the animal feels calmer if you let that dog approach you and take a sniff that’s cool just don’t raise your hands while they’re sniffing they don’t expect it and might get surprised and unfortunately bite. Be still for a short period then move slowly away.

If you see the animal as kind of aggressive stay away but don’t run if you feel like you’ve got to escape do that slowly best is to continue your previous momentum with no sudden moves. Try to get to a place where there is a barrier between you and the dog it’s a big distraction in most cases or else, find a barrier that you can put between you and the dog – a purse, rolled-up jacket, or a stick and try to redirect the dog’s bites onto that item.

Find higher ground and try to move to a position of height away from the dog. It is much harder for him to bite effectively from below. Try not to scream as this could antagonize the dog further.

Make sure to protect your face throat and chest to protect your fingers keep your hands and fists. It may sound strange but there’s actually the best place to be bitten it’s the forearm. If you’re bitten don’t pull away it’ll just make things worse.

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