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Johannesburg and Lahore, 19 Feb 2021

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OneVault, an industry leader in the provision, implementation of intelligent authentication solutions is delighted to appoint ConnectDotNet to represent OneVault in Pakistan.

OneVault has successfully been implementing voice biometric solutions in the South African marketplace for almost 10 years. With extensive expertise gained in voice biometrics, OneVault has evolved and extended its solution offerings to offer innovative multifactor authentication with the integration of biometrics into identity management platforms. As remote authentication becomes a business imperative, especially in Africa, OneVault is meeting the demand for secure technical and commercial biometric solutions.

Partnering with ConnectDotNet will provide the Pakistan market with biometric technology and solutions that are ideally suited for the array of market requirements. ConnectDotNet has significant experience in software development and has developed and delivered successful solutions for many brands as well as being the dedicated development partner for Emergent Payments Ghana Limited–a PSP in Ghana offering services under the brand With ConnectDotNet’s insight and experience in process-oriented solutions, they provide strong synergies in working with OneVault to identify and guide local companies in their desire to solve their intelligent authentication journeys.

Biometric Authentication Solution

Jointly, OneVault and ConnectDotNet will offer biometric authentication solutions across a range of innovative channels and use cases. From providing much-needed proof-of-life biometric solutions to enabling customer enhancing and fraud mitigation authentication solutions in the contact center.

OneVault has seen the global growth for robust, remote biometric authentication solutions and it is evident in countries such as Pakistan, that there is a similar requirement. Whilst the use cases may well differ from region to region, strong authentication is required everywhere. We are delighted to be working with ConnectDotNet in Pakistan,” said Vanda Dickson, Executive Head, OneVault South Africa.

We believe that organizations and customers should be able to remotely interact safely and efficiently, at every stage of the journey. As a solutions partner to our clients, we focus on robust remote Biometric Authentication Solutions for secure transacting. Our tailored consulting services are designed to assist small, medium & large organizations with Intelligent Authentication & Fraud Detection solutions.

Paul Hutton, CEO of OneVault Group says “It is evident that biometrics and identity management are increasingly important for governments, organizations and individuals alike. The extension of OneVault’s solutions into Pakistan with ConnectDotNet is part of our strategy to leverage the IP we have built in the biometric arena and facilitate and deliver this expertise locally”. Nofal Ahmad Butt, CEO of ConnectDotNet says “We first met OneVault in 2018 and it was immediately evident the value that could be offered in Pakistan. OneVault has a world of experience in biometrics and I am confident that together we can fill a major gap within the Pakistan market. OneVault has a proven track record of successful implementations and this knowledge can be rapidly brought to bear for the benefit of Pakistan companies.”

About OneVault

OneVault unlocks the power of biometrics to provide the most secure remote authentication channels available in the market today. They have developed a set of core competencies and IP unique across the African market. OneVault offers their clients secure, accessible, third-factor authentication that integrates convenience, efficiency, and unparalleled peace of mind for both clients and customers.

About ConnectDotNet:

ConnectDotNet is an exclusive development partner for a Payment Service Provider (PSP) Emergent Payments Ghana Limited (, running its payment services under the brand In addition, the company is constantly introducing and promoting products and services that surround the payments industry, including payment integrations, fraud mitigation, process efficiency, etc. It comprises a team of committed professionals with diversified skills and experience.


Giuliana Schoeman (Marketing Manager, OneVault)

Nofal Ahmad Butt (CEO, ConnectDotNetPrivate Limited)

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