Nukes are deadly monsters created by several nations as a part of their defense measures. But are these defense tools really meant for defense only and what will happen if such defense gets launched. These deadly angry birds are waiting for wings. When the time comes, they will be able to arrange a real Armageddon on Earth. These are nuclear bombs. Each of them, on average, has a power of 50 megatons of TNT equivalent and the power to sweep away all life in a radius of 50 km around it.

Now, according to estimates of the Arms Control Association, there are 13,500 such dangerous weapons in the world. What happens if you detonate all these nuclear warheads at once? Would they destroy all of humanity? Or even erase the planet Earth from the solar system?

Courtesy: Arms Control Association

What gives such mega-destructive power to Atom Bomb. The Atomic bomb stuffed with uranium isotopes or plutonium. After detonation in isotopes, the fission chain reaction begins. This process is accompanied by the release of huge amounts of energy and leads to a super explosion. Such an explosion in 1945 allowed the “Little Boy” atomic bomb to destroy the Japanese city of Hiroshima more than 140,000 people, and “Fat Man” in Nagasaki to take 75,000 lives. Since the days of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, nuclear have demonstrated their muscles and performed a pilot run that they are capable of killing immeasurably more people.

Even unused, nuclear weapons have a destructive impact.

All the horrors of such attacks can be shown on an interactive simulator, which was developed in the framework of the Outrider Foundation Project. Computer simulation allows Nuclear Annihilation anywhere in the world. There would be nothing left of your home, just a big black charred smoking hole that used to be your neighborhood. But this is only a simulator, where you dictate the rules of the game.

In the real world, all the hellish economy of the world belongs to the five countries participating in the nuclear club: China, France, Russia, Great Britain, and the United States. They agreed to gradually reduce the number of such weapons. But gradually Pakistan, India, Israel, and North Korea have been adding to them, which are not bound by any obligations. And the club members are also not in a hurry to get rid of their deadly “toys.” 90% of them belong to the USA and Russia. Most of the weapons of the two countries are 10-50 times more powerful than the “Little Boy”, the total strength of the deadly charges is 6600 megatons. This is the tenth part of the solar energy that the Earth receives every minute. It is hard to even imagine how much trouble can do all this good.

If you bomb only one B-83, according to Outrider Foundation Project Online Simulator, 1.4 million people would disappear from the face of the Earth. In addition, 7.2 million would be injured because the radius of thermal radiation would reach 13 kilometers (8 miles). And even half of the arsenal of each of the countries-nuclear giants would be able to destroy almost all of humanity. However, other states, owners of a “modest” stock of 340 bombs, can also cause global ills. So, if India and Pakistan hit each other with their 220 nuclear warheads, 20 million people would die in the first week.

Even a peaceful arms build-up can lead to a catastrophe. New research from scientists at Michigan Technological University has shown that 100 nuclear weapons are the limit for defense. A larger number would ultimately destroy society in any country, primarily because exceeding this limit would adversely affect the environment. Fields in such a country would gradually become less fertile, yields would drop significantly, and famine would break out. But even if the storage of the weapon itself is capable of causing enormous damage, then its direct use would lead to more global calamities. For example, 239 nuclear “Little Boys” could completely destroy the United States. But these are just little flowers compared to one day, when atomic weapons will become so numerous and powerful that the whole Earth and life on it couldn’t sustain.

Graphic designer Maximilian Boud calculated that by splitting our planet by forces of 15,594 TZAR-bomba, which have up to 58.6 megatons of Trotyl or what usually called TNT equivalent. Even the low-powered “Little Boy” would need only 3.5 million “brothers” for a real party on the planet. And perhaps these charges wouldn’t just split the Earth, but also send it straight to the Sun, to certain agonizing death that no sunscreen could ever protect you from. For more exciting stuff please subscribe to our Facebook Page.

Only two nuclear explosions, with a capacity of one hundred Hiroshima’s, won’t bomb the entire planet to pieces but could lead to a climate catastrophe. This conclusion, according to the results of computer calculations, came to Specialist Michael Mills of the National Center for Atmospheric Research USA. The scientist drew his conclusions on the example of a potential conflict between India and Pakistan. The first strikes of atomic bombs fall on major cities. Unprecedented fires flare up everywhere, filling the whole stratosphere with smoke. Soot obscures the sunlight and brings eternal twilight on Earth. In addition, soot and chemicals, in particular nitric oxide, after rising into the air, would rip the ozone layer to shreds. Then the destructive ultraviolet would flow in a powerful stream for the rest of the Earth without protection. It would cause many plants to mutate and destroy all phytoplankton in the oceans, which means that they would leave part of the fish and other aquatic species without food. In addition, 6.5 tons of radioactive substances would get into the upper layers of the atmosphere, and acid rain would start to pour on the entire planet all over the world. Because of this, two billion people, or almost a third of the world’s population, would starve. And yet, this is minor compared to what would happen if you blew up the world with super warheads like Russia’s RDS-220 hydrogen bomb known in the west as the “TZAR bomba.” These powerful detonations would lead to the average temperature of the surface of the earth would drop by 8 ° C (46.5 Fahrenheit), and many regions of the Earth would be ice-bound for decades. Under such conditions, agriculture would suffer a complete catastrophe, so that most of the inhabitants of the planet would starve without food. But the real apocalypse awaits us if the Doomsday Machine hits the ground. So-called the atomic bomb of the future, which can cut into the supervolcano or get into the humble coal mine. This would increase the amount of soot that would rise to the atmosphere a hundred times greater. As a result, not a single ray of the sun would penetrate the planet and nuclear winter would come.

All oceans would freeze, and the land would be covered with a thick layer of ice. Life would survive only near geothermal sources on the seabed. The earth would turn into a “white cold ice planet” on which, of course, there would be no people. Humans have created nukes for their enemies not realizing that it’s a suicide, in fact, we humans are our own enemy but not realizing. For more exciting stuff please subscribe to our Facebook Page.

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