After the emergence of Islam in Arab and the hints from the traditions of the earlier religions about the quick spread of Islam in the world have attached many in fact most to get affiliated with Islam. People joining this identity was based on the material advantages predicted with the rise of Islam. The history of Islam right after the death of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has unveiled the affiliation of people towards the race of occupying authority in Islam in order to satisfy their intent for which the masses joined the new religion. Like we see in the modern world the hype of cryptocurrency is engaging people to get affiliated as miners in order to get potential benefit if these cryptocurrencies get regulated.

In the case of Islam, earlier traditions were all pointing towards its vast geographical reach and resources, this opportunity was the core motivation factor to get them enrolled and start making their efforts to gain popularity so they can have enough human support that makes them undisputed for becoming the leader and the caretaker of the regions.

The sects in Islam clearly define the intent of people as every sect has its own faith, religious boundaries, and practices. The difference is evident of the fact that the people were not at all concerned about following the traditions, instructions, definitions of faith therefore, they defined the religion with a difference to what taught by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). That difference from the origin is the exact definition of SECT. However, every sect claims that Islam is the religion of unity, and faith and practices were apparently ONE at the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) so how come the current difference of sects come under the definition of UNITY. For more exciting stuff please subscribe to our Facebook Page.

It is clear that unity is based on following a single source of command and only that single source can only ensure UNITY. Since Muslims are not at all concerned with the religion itself but are diverted towards gaining power under a united army of single OBJECTIVE that is to rule to get most out of huge masses. So here we see masses with a COMMON WORD OF ISLAM ONLY (without knowing the religion) and religious consultancy services customized the whole religion to ease and satisfy their followers and obviously, the customized version is self-explanatory of its difference to the Real Islam. The WORD ISLAM is the only thing we have the rest is all customized.

Cutting short, for this reason, Islamic history has written several tribes and their affiliate ruling the resources and these rulings were not at all democratic but based on the power, the more powerful you are the more affiliates you enroll on resources sharing terms, the more you are good at wars and strategies, and most importantly your mission statement to address the sufferings of the people due to the existing ruler are the key factors to grab the Islamic Kingdom. So it was always a political and warfare-based ruling.

During the time of Bani Ummaya rule, Bani Abbas were very keen to somehow destabilize them and grab power. For this, they enrolled all those affiliates that either has grudges towards Bani Ummaya or want to mark their blurred identity in the Islamic Empire dominated by the Arabs. Banu Abbas in accompanied by the families of Bani Hashim launched their campaign and called for Iranians and Turks to support them.

The Arab and Non-Arab debate is a long one, in short, this difference of identity was and is a very major cause of rifts among these breeds even before Islam. At the time when Turks realized that they were only used by the Banu Abbas for throwing out Bani Ummaya, they begin to realize that they are equally eligible for ruling the Muslims as Arabs do and this thinking was obvious as discussed earlier that the race is only for garbing the power and ruling the masses under a new tag of Muslim Ummah (there is no such thing as Ummah without similar practices, rules, and faith).

I am not here to write about the war, I am only going to highlight the outcome. So Banu Abbas succeeded with the help of Iranians and Turks and appointed their ruler to control the huge land under the control of the TAG MUSLIM WORLD. This urge for power laid the Ottoman Empire the first non-Arab empire under the brand name of Islam.

Ottoman Empire with a total of 31 modern countries across 3 continents makes the Neo-Ottoman Empire the third-largest country in the world in terms of people. Obviously staying behind the usual suspects; India and China. The capital of the Ottoman Empire for hundreds of years was Constantinople or Istanbul and that still all this time later would be the largest and most important city in the modern empire. Since Muslims always act on the basis of Sects, breed and common objectives of sects, so like previous versions of Ruling Arab tribes they never achieved the unity due to the difference of faith and eventually got busted during World War 1.

NOW coming back to the present, Islam with self-defined versions across the globe are fighting each other Saudia, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many more to come is clear evidence of “noting common among the Muslims”, and obviously Unity cannot be achieved from a WORD “ISLAM” as the factor combining them has been left behind and people were, are, and will be least concerned. They have entered into a corporation, not a religion.

Turks have again started to start the same mode of campaign internationally with their dubbed version of drama series Ertugral in order to grab the votes of the diversified Muslims around the globe and trying to portray that they were the best of rulers among the Bani Ummaya, Banu Abbas, Al e Marwan and anyone who has ruled the Islamic Empire. Wine and pubs loving society of Modern Turks with completely eastern outfits have now taken advantage of the world media to rebrand themselves as the true Islamic Icon and are claiming to deliver the glory to the Muslim states if they support them to regain the land they have before the Treaty of Lausanne.

In fact, in Pakistan, the Turkish drama Muhteşem Yüzyıl (Mera Sultan) has been aired with a censored version to blur the deep necks of the Turkish women. However, the Ertugral on the other hand has been produced in a completely different way, the way it attracts all the sects of Islam around the globe to get votes and support from the Muslim countries so that they can easily claim the land they own and also to become the Khalifa Tul Muslimeen by entering the Holy cities of Makka and Madina by any means. Turks were not recognized as a Muslim Practising country 20 years back but now they have become an inspiration as true Islam lovers thanks to their promotional skills and convincing tactics of the frustrated Muslim World. For more exciting stuff please subscribe to our Facebook Page.

In fact, this will not going to be any easy transactions, with the current World blocs Arabs will never going to give this opportunity to the Turks in the plate it will be a war, a war in which the Islamic States will support the Turks and Turks affiliates will range from the Anti Saudis like Iran and Anti Americans like China and Russia. We are going for a World War the war that will blow the entire Humanity. War of Turks and Arabs will not be a war of 02 countries only it will ignite the fire across regions. This will happen and Most Non-Arab Muslim countries will support Turkey in this regard, Turks will invade Saudia Arabia and this will be the beginning of the World War and why I am so sure about this incident is that I have never witnessed any statement of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) not getting true and this Turks invasion on Arabs and igniting the World War is written in the Hadith Collections of Each and Every Muslim sect.

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